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ACE Strategic Digital Mentoring Programme - 2021 - FAQs

Thinking of applying to our Strategic Digital Mentoring Programme?

You may have some questions....we hope to answer them below....

ACE Strategic Digital Mentoring Programme - 2021 - FAQs

Q: What is the application deadline?

You can submit your application to the strategic digital mentoring programme up until 12pm midday 15 July 2021. The closing deadline will not be extended.

Q: What is the programme timeline?

We will inform successful applicants by 6th August 2021. Successful applicants will then receive mentoring between August and November 2021, scheduled at times convenient for your team. A final insight sharing session is scheduled for November 2021, which we ask all programme participants to attend.

Q. Who can apply?

You must be an arts or cultural organisation whose registered office is in England. Organisations can include museums, libraries, local councils and community organisations, providing the mentoring activity is focused on digital cultural content creation, distribution or audience development.

Q: Why do applicants need to have a registered office in England?

The funding for this programme is from Arts Council England and therefore needs to benefit organisations based in England.

Q. Do we need to be in receipt of Arts Council England funding?

No. You do not need to currently or previously have received any funding from Arts Council England.

Q: Can individuals apply?

No. The programme is aimed at building organisational capacity by mentoring two or more people working for the same company, as we have found that this is the most effective way of delivering change in an organisation. The application should therefore be made on behalf of the organisation, although of course as an individual you can be named as a potential mentee in the application. 

Q. Can networks apply?

Yes. However, we would expect there to be a lead organisation who submits the bid and is responsible for ensuring other participants meet their obligations.

Q: I’ve been commissioned by The Space, can I still apply?

Yes. This is a separate activity from our commissioning of digital projects.

Q: Do we need to have some digital experience to apply?

No. We are interested in working with a range of organisations, from those with little or no prior digital experience, through to those who already have an established track record.

Q: Do we need to have a specific digital project in mind?

No. However, you should have an idea of the areas that you would like the mentoring to focus on. This might be a particular project, or it could be the development of a wider digital creative strategy.

Q: What sort of work can the mentors do?

Our mentors are there to provide advice, guidance and feedback at a senior level in relation to digital content creation, distribution and audience development. They can do this within the time allocated to your mentoring sessions and with some provision for occasional email or telephone support between sessions. However, they cannot take any responsibility for project delivery or creating documents or other materials for you. Mentors also cannot advise you on an any applications to The Space for a commission.

Q: How will the mentoring sessions be delivered?

Sessions will be delivered via web-based conference call. Sessions may last up to two hours.

Q: Will there be a cost for the programme?

No. The Strategic Digital Mentoring programme is free for participating organisations. There is the option of adding a brief, structured assessment of organisations' digital capabilities at the start of the programme. This is available to all participating organisations and would enable us to work with you to benchmark your capabilities, prior to the mentoring beginning. The maximum cost of this would be £250 ex. VAT. per organisation. However, this is not an obligatory part of the programme.

Q: How will you select which organisations to mentor?

We will select organisations based on the quality of answers in your application form and your fit with the programme's objectives. In addition, we will apply balancing criteria as we want the programme to support a range of organisations in terms of: art form(s) and cultural activities that they are focused on; area of England that they are based in; scale of organisation; and level of prior experience of digital activity. We are particularly interested in applications from organisations where the leadership or the proposed lead mentees are Black, Asian or Ethnically Diverse or identify as d/Deaf, nerodiverse or disabled. We are also particularly interested in applications where the organisation or the mentoring is focussed on meeting the needs of underserved audiences.

Q: How will you evaluate the programme?

We will ask mentees to complete feedback forms and may ask you to participate in a confidential feedback interview. As with all of our work, we will be keen to share lessons learned from the mentoring with other arts and cultural organisations, so that as many people as possible can benefit from the programme. We may ask you to help us to create an online case study about the support you have received and you might also be willing to offer other ways that we can share your progress. We recognise that your time is limited and that there will be information that you may not want in the public domain. We will work with you to agree a flexible approach.

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