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After Dark

Tate Britain at night - through the eyes of a robot.

Ever wished you had a secret robot alter ego? Or that you could wander around a gallery alone at night? After Dark at Tate Britain made both things possible.

Over a week in August 2014, the project invited you to join people across the world to control four robots that roamed the darkened galleries of Tate Britain after all the visitors had left, and see through their 'eyes' via The Space and the website

Watch the robots’ videos

About this Artist

After Dark was commissioned by Tate, the IK Prize 2014 and The Space. It was created by design studio The Workers.

The Workers is a digital product design studio that was founded in 2011 by Tommaso Lanza and Ross Cairns after they left the Royal College of Art. The studio has produced work for Bibliothéque Design, A Practice for Everyday Life, the 2012 London Olympics and the Berlin Natural History Museum, and won The IK Prize 2014 for digital creativity and innovation with After Dark

Project Partners

The Tate logo IK Prize 2014