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An interactive production by National Theatre Wales pitting online ‘citizens’ against real-life audience ‘migrants’.

Bordergame was an interactive production from National Theatre Wales that combined real experiences with game play and theatre by allowing online players to control the fate of a real-world audience.

The play was set in the Autonomous Republic of Cymru, an independent state whose borders had come under increasing pressure following an outbreak of TB in the Royal United Kingdom of New Britain and Northern Ireland (or NewK).

Bordergame offered players a safe haven from the perils of their old lives, provided they could make it from Bristol to Newport without arousing the suspicions of the Border Agency and its online volunteer army of Active Citizens.

This force was made up of online players who helped to protect the nation by monitoring the borders between NewK and The Autonomous Republic, and surveilling the suspected migrants in the live audience.

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About this Artist

Bordergame won the first Space Prize for digital innovation, awarded by BBC Writersroom and The Space. It was created by John Norton and Matthew Wright.

John Norton is the founder and Artistic Director of Cardiff-based Give It A Name Theatre, and divides his time between acting, producing, directing and music. In 2013 he was awarded the BBC Norman Beaton Fellowship and a Creative Wales Award for sound research. He has directed work for Theatr Ffynnon, NTW TEAM, Forest Fringe and Motiroti.

Matthew Wright is a digital and graphic designer and illustrator with a background in animation and motion graphics. Based in Bristol, Wright has worked for the BBC, Shambala Festival, Give It A Name Theatre, Bombastic Dance and the band Kasabian. He is also a visiting lecturer in Games Design and Animation at the University of South Wales.

National Theatre Wales is an innovative theatre company based in Cardiff. Since it was founded in 2009 it has staged productions everywhere from forests and beaches to nightclubs and aircraft hangars. NTW collaborates with artists, audiences, communities and companies to create theatre in the English language, rooted in Wales, with an international reach.

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