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Antarctica: The First Dance - Corey Baker choreographs Madeleine Jacobs (Royal New Zealand Ballet) photo: Jacob Bryant

The First Dance in Antarctica

Award-winning choreographer Corey Baker has created the first ever dance film in Antarctica, the world’s last great wilderness - and it features an ethereal and evocative soundtrack from London Grammar - Wild Eyes.

Inspired by the austere beauty and fragility of the ice and snow structures, Antarctica: The First Dance is performed by Madeleine Graham, dancer with Royal New Zealand Ballet, and celebrates Antarctica’s awe-inspiring landscape.

Compelled by climate justice and a boyhood fascination for Antarctica, Corey’s ambition is to use the drama and beauty of the film to highlight the predicament of Antarctica, and the world, if climate change is left unchecked. The piece has been a passion project of the Birmingham based, New Zealand-born, choreographer and has been two years in the planning.

Corey, dancer Madeleine, and photographer Jacob Bryant - the only artists to be granted access to Antarctica in 2018 - spent the first two weeks of February 2018 creating, performing and shooting Antartctica: The First Dance in remote locations on the ice.

Corey said:

“It’s an immense privilege and mind-blowing experience to create and film a dance on Antarctica which will I hope bring people a little bit closer to understanding this enigmatic place, showing it off in a way that has never been done before. It is a world first; we have made history with this project, which is incredible. I am passionate about three things: making dance for spaces that are NOT theatres; campaigning for climate justice; and Antarctica, which, as a New Zealander myself, has always been a magical and somewhat mystical place to me”. 

Antarctica: The First Dance was launched on Earth Day, 22 April 2018


About this Artist

Corey Baker Dance is an award-winning production company creating a diverse array of work across film, TV, theatre, and unusual locations