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It's All About the Elephant

It's All About the Elephant

'About the Elephant' stars three young, exceptionally talented artists, who have intertwined traditional South Asian and modern Contemporary dance to create an innovative, thought-provoking and playful production.

Featuring three young, exceptionally talented artists, who have intertwined traditional South Asian and modern Contemporary dance, About the Elephant, is an innovative, thought-provoking and playful production, co-commissioned by Sampad Arts and Serendipity Festival (India).

Watch for free online

Online audiences can tune in to the last UK performance of the acclaimed piece and watch the entire performance which was recorded live at Dance City Theatre in Newcastle. 'About the Elephant' will be made available to view online for ta short period.

The internationally successful dance and music collaboration features BBC Young Dancer stars Connor Scott and Vidya Patel, and accomplished musician Shammi Pithia.

Traditional Kathak dance artist Vidya Patel and Contemporary dancer Connor Scott first crossed paths as finalists of BBC Young Dancer 2015, where Connor was crowned overall winner and Vidya triumphed in the South Asian category finals.  Skilled composer and multi-instrumentalist Shammi Pithia joins the pair onstage to perform an atmospheric original music score.  'About the Elephant' examines our sense of purpose in society and reflects our search for clarity within the noise of our society, asking “How do we deal with information overload to find our way to the truth?”

Following its debut performance in Goa, India, 'About the Elephant' has enjoyed a successful tour in the UK, impressing audiences with its compelling choreography and the outstanding skill of its starring artists. As its parting gift, the piece will bring the atmosphere and excitement of live performance to viewers’ phone, tablet and laptop screens across the globe.

About this Artist

Sampad's mission is to connect people and communities with South Asian and British Asian arts and heritage and to play a cutting-edge role in the creative economy.

The organisation believes in the power of arts and heritage to impact widely on all communities – breaking down barriers, raising important issues, amplifying unheard voices and bringing people from all walks of life together.

Now in its 28th year, we continue to play an instrumental role in promoting and encouraging British Asian arts, so that they progress, break new ground and enrich mainstream culture in the UK. We support, commission and co-produce a huge variety of arts and heritage activities inspired by diverse artforms that originate from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

The company has a strong track record of delivering high-quality dance, music and theatre productions, events and workshops in education, community and outreach settings and professional development for artists, cultural leaders and young people.