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Mix the City with Kutiman

Every city has a sound. Kutiman wanted to capture Tel Aviv’s, and put it out there for the world to remix.

So he teamed up with the British Council and The Space to create a site where anyone can explore the sounds of the city and create their own musical mashup.

Musician playing maracas for Mix the City

Following the phenomenal success of his videos remixing the musical highlights of Youtube and Tokyo, Kutiman joined forces with 12 musicians to capture the sights, sounds and music of Tel Aviv.

Just like with Thru-You and Thru Tokyo, he’s recorded a must-watch four-minute mashup of local musicians that showcases the range of talent to be found in this extraordinary city.

But this time he’s gone further, working with us and the British Council to open up a set of filmed tracks performed by 12 Tel Aviv musicians, so that people all over the world can create their own mixes and bring the sights and sounds of Tel Aviv to life.

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About this Artist

Ophir Kutiel, professionally known as Kutiman, is an Israeli musician, composer, producer and animator who remixes recordings of musicians he discovers in cities around the world. So far he's produced YouTube videos for over one million subscribers featuring musicians in Jerusalem, Tokyo and Krakow. For The Space, Kutiman created Mix the City Tel Aviv, where anyone can mix the sounds of Tel Aviv via an interactive web app.

Interactive and technical development of Mix the City was by creative agencies Flying Object and Roll Studio.

Mix the City was co-commissioned by The British Council and The Space

Project Partners

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