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Play Sage Gateshead

Imagine making music with bricks and mortar. Now you can.

To celebrate its tenth birthday, the Sage Gateshead partnered with The Space to create a new app featuring a fully interactive 3D model of the award-winning venue that allows you to bash walls, beat floors and play with the fabric of the building to create your own tracks.

The app draws on a live performance where percussionists and musicians were invited to "play the building" itself. Taking samples from the percussionists and musicians who played the walls, staircases and pipes as part of that performance, the app makes it possible for anyone, anywhere to use these sounds to make their own incredible music.

About this Artist

Mbryonic uses video games technology to produce innovative and engaging applications and experiences.

Sage Gateshead attracts artists from all over the globe - from Blondie to James Brown to Morrissey. It has a resident orchestra, the Royal Northern Sinfonia, and runs one of the world’s largest music education programmes, helping people of all ages to discover and enjoy music.

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