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This October, the curtain will rise on a new production at the Derry Playhouse Theatre and those seated in the theatre will share the experience with a global online audience, all immersed ln the enormously successful video-game Minecraft. 

Playcraft Live, will be performed by both human actors on stage and their corresponding digital avatars in the world of Minecraft. The production will be split between live performances by actors on stage and digital puppeteers controlling the actors within Minecraft. Slipping between both stage and game world, the story will unfold across different locations and time from within the story. 

Playcraft Live character Liam - Liam is a Minecraft avatarPlaycraft Live character Liam

Playcraft Live has been commissioned by The Space and is a collaboration between The Playhouse Theatre, world-renowned creative producer, Adam Clarke, digital educators, MakeMatic, and a diverse team of Minecraft personalities and artists.

Get involved this summer

This summer, Minecraft fans will be invited to be involved in the production, find out more about the play and contribute to the process along the way. Online Challenges, featured on the Playcraft Live website, invite participants to learn about aspects of theatre production and Minecraft, from set design to acting, costume creation to scriptwriting, as they join guest YouTubers, including AmyLee33, SeaPeeKay, NettyPlays and Bigbst4tz plus writer Alex Scarrow, West End costume designer, Katrina Lindsay, and actor Art Parkinson (Game of Thrones/Kubo and the Two Strings).

Playcraft Live character Liam (a Minecraft avatar) inside the TitanicScene from Playcraft Live - Titanic Interior

Playcraft Live will premiere on Saturday 14 October, both on stage at the Playhouse and broadcast to the world online at

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