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Serpentine Extinction Marathon

What does it mean to be extinct? Artists, designers and researchers explore the idea in these online artworks.

For the Serpentine Galleries’ 2014 Marathon event, artists, scientists and theorists explored the topic of Extinction.

The Serpentine programmed the event with Gustav Metzger, and partnered with The Space to build EXTINCT.LY - an online space that showcases some of the works from the marathon, and provides a place for artists and researchers to continue to investigate extinction.

We also co-commissioned Metzger’s first digital work, Mass Media:, and www.80072745, a new project from Ed Atkins, in partnerhsip with the Serpentine Galleries.

Mass Media: was a two-day online broadcast following students at the Facing Extinction exhibition in Canterbury as they selected from a stack of thousands of newspapers, cutting and collaging articles across the walls in response to the topic of extinction.

www.80072745 explores numbers and statistics and how they define our lives. Atkins invites you to take part in the piece by signing up to receive personal emails from him over the course of ten years.

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About this Artist

The Extinction Marathon was programmed by the Serpentine Galleries and Gustav Metzger.

EXTINCT.LY was co-commissioned by the Serpentine Galleries and The Space and features work by Keller Easterling, Maurizio Lazzarato, Benjamin H Bratton, Timothy Morton, Ed Atkins and Gustav Metzger.

Mass Media: by Gustav Metger and www.80072745 by Ed Atkins were co-commissioned by the Serpentine Galleries and The Space.

Ed Atkins works with video, sound and writing to understand representations of bodies and beings. He has exhibited internationally, including solo shows in London, Zurich, Dublin, New York and Bonn. He was shortlisted for the 2011 Jarman Award and received the first Tomorrow Never Knows Film and Video Umbrella commission in 2012.

Gustav Metzger (b. 1926), is an artist who believes that art is a form of political consciousness-raising. His work has has addressed the troubles in Northern Ireland, the Israeli­-Palestinian conflict, terrorist bombings and global warming.

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