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Work We Want

The web has killed the nine-to-five. So what happens next?

The web is transforming the world of work. The days of the steady nine-to-five job are over, and workers around the world are able to find and sell work online.

The fastest growth is happening in low-wage countries, where talented workers offer high-quality work at cheap rates that are being snapped up by companies in higher-wage countries. 

How should we respond to these changes? Are they empowering or exploitative? And what do they mean for the future? The Space commissioned Glasshouse Productions to produce a series of short videos investigating these questions.

Work We Want brought together stories, artworks and research, and created an installation that transformed audiences at Southbank Centre’s Web We Want festival into a workforce paid in peanuts.


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About this Artist

Tom Berman is a project manager and developer from Glasshouse Productions.

Joseph Connor is a digital artist from Glasshouse Productions and the first digital artist to have his work given to 61 world leaders as a state gift.

Charlotte Webb is a digital artist and researcher from Glasshouse Productions. Her work has been exhibited internationally, and she is currently working on a PhD about artists and the internet. She also manages the University of the Arts London’s research on how students’ use digital technology in their creative work.