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Dark wood cottage with yellow window frames, with a big bush in the foreground
Finding an audience for challenging work January 23, 2023

Inspired by Derek Jarman’s diaries 'Modern Nature,' Creative Folkestone shot an experimental film in Jarman’s former home. We investigate the marketing and distribution strategy that made it so successful.

Caroline Jariwala standing in front of a wall of colourful swirling mosaics.
100 Masters – the importance of having clear aims January 23, 2023

Creative Black Country’s 100 Masters started as a real-world exhibition celebrating local craftspeople. Their digital outputs propelled their Facebook following from 22 to over 80,000. But how?

A young woman with messy hair and mascara running down her face standing in front of a mic, holding a drawing of a frown over her mouth.
Silent Uproar’s A Super Happy Story January 23, 2023

Silent Uproar were looking for new ways to engage audiences with their critically-acclaimed musical. They reached new audiences by working with the storytelling site Upworthy.

Vici Wreford-Sinnott dressed in a black top and scarf against a grey backdrop
Digital as a tool of empowerment January 19, 2023

We spoke to disabled theatre director Vici Wreford-Sinnott about how she works with digital

A group of performers on stage with fun costumes on and a caravan in the background w
Wise Children – making pioneering strides into digital spaces August 24, 2022

Wise Children’s Digital Producer talks us through their digital expansion, and how this has changed the way they reach audiences

A group of children holding the hands of a woman screaming with a light shining on her face
From a live production to an online film – A Little Space July 14, 2022

Mind the Gap tell us about A Little Space’s journey from live production to a widely-seen online video.

Two people looking at a plant in a back garden
Reaching a wider audience – ‘Growing Online’ June 8, 2022

Grand Union were new to filmmaking but creating a short doc about their organisation has helped them reach wider audiences

Animated image of time machine in a woodland
The transition from physical to immersive theatre May 10, 2022

Thinking of working with immersive tech? Creative Director of MBD, Paul Long talks about the opportunities and offers his top tips

Stills from Cephalopod Aliens 2019
Programming the weird: A guide to quantum computing for artists July 6, 2021

What are the possibilities created by quantum computing? Libby Heaney examines how this new technology can be used to inspire, provoke and create art

A close-up of a woman singing with her hands up
Awards for Space Commissions January 19, 2021

Take a look at the awards that Space commissions have won!