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A light brown skinned man operates a TV camera. he wears a headset
Pitching for radio and TV: expert advice from industry professionals October 10, 2023

Working with broadcasters: everything you need to know about pitching for radio and TV

Still from Amser Stori of an amimated girl with a hare in a field
A brown skinned man wears a turban, sitting on stage talking into a microphone
Protected: Social media trends 2024 September 8, 2023

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

A handheld camera records action
How to integrate digital content production into your work August 22, 2023

How to start integrating digital content production into your everyday practice.

A tablet and headphones
How to produce video and audio content on a budget July 27, 2023

Equipment and online tools that can help you produce audio and video content on a budget

Two people observe a 360 degree projection of a large blue spherical object floating on a lake
The Quantum Leap July 10, 2023

Dr Libby Heaney's thoughts on the latest developments in AI, quantum computing and why artists and creatives should join the conversation.

A computer circuit board bathed in red light
AI could make or break cultural discovery. Will it lead audiences to new experiences? July 6, 2023
Tag Icon AI

How will AI influence the way people find art, engage with culture, and participate in events, exhibitions, and activities.

Three actors on stage in sparkly top hats and waistcoats with delighted expressions and a lights in the background.
Want to attract online audiences? Here’s some guidance June 19, 2023

How to entice online audiences; provide context and story to give your work impact

A stage performance with lots of lights
A brown skinned woman with hair in a pony tail sings on stage. The downlighting is dispersed behind her