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Curating digital content for galleries and museums July 4, 2018

Ways in which museums, galleries and collections are engaging audiences in new interactive experiences

A photograph from Depictions of darkness of a neon light in darkness
Webinars coming soon June 22, 2018

The Space is hosting a range of workshops to build skills and share knowledge across the arts and cultural sectors

The case for public investment in online arts May 18, 2018

Peter Bazalgette on digital distruption in the arts

Creation and legacy in the digital era May 18, 2018

Choreographer and Dancer Akram Khan explains how digital can help the creative process

What is ‘content’? May 18, 2018

Founder of MUBI, Efe Cakarel questions the use of the word 'content'

New for new sake? May 18, 2018

Freya Murray, Programme Manager at Google Cultural Lab for the 'Self-publishing and the arts' essay collection

The Encounter from Simon McBurney - Head on stage
Art and technology, coexistence and innovation May 18, 2018

Part of The Space's Self publishing and the arts essay collection. Matt Clark (Founder, UVA) talks In with the old... In with the new!

A man standing in front of very bright lights
The problem with art on digital platforms is… May 18, 2018

Do digital platforms exploit artists? Artist and digital art curator, Leila Johnston argues that it’s not art’s job to get clicks

Self publishing and the arts May 15, 2018

Representatives from across the creative sector discuss the changing relationship between art and technology

Top six VR and AR experiences in the arts May 10, 2018

A guide to six of the best virtual and augmented reality experiences in the arts