Commission Tags: Accessibility

A person is draped in pink material covering themselves, apart from their hands and forearms. They sit at a table covered in a pink cloth upon which playing cards are scattered. They look as if they are attempting card tricks. Two microphones sit either side of the desk.
Explore the hidden choreography of everyday life in PASSING March 13, 2024

Experimenting with sensory modes of seeing, PASSING proposes a more personal way of 'seeing'

A short-haired woman with a plastic ball in her mouth, standing in front of a curtain.
Look Mum, Let’s Talk About Disability September 21, 2023

A series of short films aimed at family audiences, raising awareness of the social model of disability, in a playful and fun way.

Black and dark red My Sound Cinema logo with tiles of available films against a white background
My Sound Cinema February 15, 2023

My Sound Cinema is the first online film VOD platform dedicated to audio described film and designed specifically with the blind and vision impaired community in mind.

A man in a red waist coat playing the xylophone
Create your own symphony with Oily Cart April 6, 2022

Conduct your own symphony with Oily Cart's interactive, sound-based website

A man in front of an AR background in a jumper
DaDa trial augmented reality in BSL interpretation February 4, 2022

Using augmented reality for BSL interpretation

A still from the film A Little Space
A Little Space – The Film July 7, 2021

Mind the Gap and Gecko come together to produce an award-winning film based on their critically acclaimed stage production.

Nwando Ebizie performing Distorted Constellations in theatrical clothing
Nwando Ebizie, Distorted Constellations June 7, 2021

Nwando Ebizi'e's video expresses a spectrum of Visual Snow symptoms reimagined as luminous and sonic phenomena

An animated image of a Japanese Geisha
Digital Flight Paths September 29, 2020

Journey through a unique, multi-sensory experience of Japanese cultural

A still from Artificial Things of people dancing in a white space
Artificial Things May 14, 2020

Artificial Things explores human interdependence, strength, and vulnerability.

A kaleidoscopic gif
Slow GIF Movement August 2, 2019

Promoting calm in the online space