Commission Tags: Digital Storytelling

Houseplants March 22, 2023

These are the stories of three women and their plants told through photography and songs in the novel form of three minimal, online operas.

Josey, The Indignant Daughter March 21, 2023

Josey, the Indignant Daughter is an audio musical inspired by Northumberland based heroine, feminist and social reformer, Josephine Butler.

A Moment of Madness March 16, 2023

A Moment of Madness is a free interactive, online spy thriller game which fuses compelling drama with real-time gameplay.

Virtual Magic School March 16, 2023

Virtual Magic School is a free to use, interactive digital learning resource for primary school children around Scotland and the UK.

Moving Habitats March 7, 2023

Three free bitesize films for primary school aged children (Key Stages 1 and 2), which explore environmental issues through creative dance.

The Hidden Woods February 22, 2023

Game for young people exploring new and exciting ways of discovering traditional tales through an interactive online experience.

Home X February 22, 2023

A live digital performance mixing theatre, music, gaming and VR technology, about home and belonging.

Common Ground February 22, 2023

A satire on the world of contemporary circus which parodies the very real process of what it’s like to audition as an artist from the Global Majority.

Swim Club February 21, 2023

An uplifting new short film, exploring the community, camaraderie, and vulnerability of a close-knit group of wild swimmers as they prepare to take the plunge into performance.

Hidden By Things February 16, 2023

A digital community campaign and podcast encouraging people to buy pre-loved items and recycle, sharing stories through clothing.