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Scene from Rambert's dance film Peaky Blinders: The Redemption of Thomas Shelby. People on stage are dressed in 1940's clothing.
Rambert’s Peaky Blinders December 21, 2023

Watch Rambert's Peaky Blinders: The Redemption of Thomas Shelby on the BBC

A performer is bent double on the floor on stage in front of a row of other performers who are seated, watching.
Opera North and Phoenix Dance Theatre’s Requiem screened on BBC September 20, 2023

Acclaimed version of Requiem comes to BBC Four

Mylene Klass and Errolyn Wallace rest on a grand piano. The grand piano lid is open
Myleene Klass and Errollyn Wallen team up for new Sky Arts series September 13, 2023

Mylene Klass and Errollyn Wallen feature classical masterpieces in new Sky Arts series

Picture of the back and front screen of a mobile phone with a picture of the House music app.
House Music July 5, 2023

Online app that allows users to make collaborative electronic music using a fun interface based around household objects.

Young woman in a floral dress stands in pink and yellow spotlights reciting poetry
Climate Cabaret June 13, 2023

Climate cabaret is youth-led project to amplify young people’s voices exploring intersectionality and the climate emergency.

An archive black and white image of people exercising on a beach. The men wear white shirts and light trousers and the women wear pinafore's and bonnets
Echoes of the North January 25, 2023

Take a trip back in time through music and film - a new film made from more than a hundred fragments of archive film

A man in a red waist coat playing the xylophone
Create your own symphony with Oily Cart April 6, 2022

Conduct your own symphony with Oily Cart's interactive, sound-based website

Nwando Ebizie performing Distorted Constellations in theatrical clothing
Nwando Ebizie, Distorted Constellations June 7, 2021

Nwando Ebizi'e's video expresses a spectrum of Visual Snow symptoms reimagined as luminous and sonic phenomena

A photograph for Silent Spaces by Soumik Datta of performers in a large empty theatre
Silent Spaces Soumik Datta April 29, 2021

Breaking the silence of iconic British cultural venues

A black woman with braids in front of a microphone performing
Buttercup – 20 Stories High April 29, 2021

The story of a young woman strong enough to finally make herself heard.