Commission Tags: Short Film

A person is draped in pink material covering themselves, apart from their hands and forearms. They sit at a table covered in a pink cloth upon which playing cards are scattered. They look as if they are attempting card tricks. Two microphones sit either side of the desk.
Explore the hidden choreography of everyday life in PASSING March 13, 2024

Experimenting with sensory modes of seeing, PASSING proposes a more personal way of 'seeing'

A collage of 4 images. Clockwise from top left, hands at a piano keyboard, a telescope points upwards towards an open window in a roof, 2 people dance in a club, aerial photo of 2 people on an empty rooftop car park
LEEDS 2023 – Space commissions December 18, 2023

2023 has seen Leeds celebrate a year of culture

A short-haired woman with a plastic ball in her mouth, standing in front of a curtain.
Look Mum, Let’s Talk About Disability September 21, 2023

A series of short films aimed at family audiences, raising awareness of the social model of disability, in a playful and fun way.

Young women from different backgrounds standing together to protest.
Fly the Flag July 4, 2023

Fly The Flag 2022 invited young people across the four nations of the UK to respond to Article 20 of the UDHR: the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association.