A Little Space – The Film

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Two leading UK theatre companies have come together to produce a film based on their critically acclaimed stage production.

Yorkshire’s Mind the Gap and Ipswich-based Gecko Theatre created ‘A Little Space’ in 2019; it opened in November and toured to 10 venues before Covid-19 halted theatre throughout the country.

Set in an apartment block, ‘A Little Space’ follows the lives of five people and explores what happens when they connect and disconnect from each other, whether through choice or through isolation.

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A Little Space premiered on YouTube and Facebook on Saturday 17th July at 5pm

Drawing on the performers’ own experiences, it is a powerful piece of physical theatre, which uses movement, imagery, sound, and lighting to portray the needs, desires, and fears of the characters.

Charli Ward, Co-Creator from Mind the Gap said:

“This is much more than streaming a theatre production into homes and venues – what we have done is made a piece of theatre into a film and the result is wonderful hybrid of both….To blend the two artforms has been a fascinating and new experience and a great opportunity for our artists and creatives alike.”

A woman stands on the left and holds out her left hand to a man standing to her right. The lighting is dim
Lorraine Brown and Paul Bates in A Little Space – the film

‘A Little Space’ was announced the winner of the Award of Excellence in the Experimental Film category at the IndieFEST Film Awards.

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About this artist

Mind the Gap is England’s largest learning disability-led performance and live arts company, renowned for its highly acclaimed and ambitious theatre productions including the giant outdoor spectacular, ZARA (2019) and the recent physical theatre collaboration with Gecko Theatre, a little space. Mind the Gap is at the forefront of increasing access provision for people with learning disabilities as artists, participants, and audience members in the arts sector.