A Moment of Madness

The Other Way Works have created an on demand version of their 2019 immersive theatre experience ‘A Moment of Madness‘. This free interactive online spy thriller game fuses compelling drama with real-time gameplay and is the perfect opportunity to put your arm-chair detective skills to good use.


You’ll set out on a covert spy mission from the comfort of your own home. As an undercover MI5 field agent, you’ll stake-out a multi storey car park via CCTV, hunt down facts, solve Escape Game style puzzles and gather evidence to expose a network of corruption that threatens to destroy the UK’s path to environmental progress.

To take part you’ll need:


  • a team of 2-4 people (including you) in the same location – It’s best played in a pair or a 3, as there’s quite a lot to stay on top of once it gets going.
  • a computer/laptop connected to the internet using Chrome or Firefox browser
  • at least one smartphone; additional devices (smartphones, tablets) will come in very handy to receive vital information.
  • a pen and paper, or some means to take notes as you decipher the clues.
  • the experience lasts around 1 hr 15 mins, so, like all good stakeouts, snacks are recommended…


Settle in and give Sherlock a run for his money here.