Create your own symphony with Oily Cart

Conduct your own symphony

To accompany their stage show and tour, Oily Cart has created a highly accessible interactive website – Sound Symphony – which allows users to compose their own audiovisual symphonies.

Celebrating the amazing sounds the world has to offer, Sound Symphony is an interactive, sound-based website for an audience of disabled and Autistic children experiencing barriers to access. Building on learning from the pandemic, the site provides an uncompromised cultural experience for audiences who face ongoing barriers to accessing the touring production.

Become a conductor

Users select from a bank of audio visual assets, enabling them to become ‘conductors’ of their own unique symphony of mesmerising sounds.

Choices feature Autistic and non-Autistic musicians in fancy concert attire making sounds and music in dramatic locations across the UK. These include a cellist up a mountain, a clarinet being played in a forest and someone playing the strings inside of a grand piano with ping pong balls. The team have also created a short explainer video that takes you through the process.

The site was developed from a user experience perspective by Autistic accessibility technical specialist Callum Gamble at KreativeInc Agency and supported by The Space.

Live performances of the Sound Symphony show will tour to venues around England and Scotland in the spring. It offers high levels of sensory stimulation and input and is perfect for anyone who is a sound seeker.

About this artist

Oily Cart reimagines theatre to include all young people.

The organisation creates interactive, sensory shows that tour across the UK and internationally. Performances use sounds, smells, touch, lights, music and movement, and can take place on a stage, a trampoline, or even up in the air. All their work is made for and with children and young people, regardless of their age or perceived ability.