DaDa trial augmented reality in BSL interpretation

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Liverpool based DaDa will begin an R&D project looking at using augmented reality BSL interpreters as part of a pledge to use creative technology to address the lack of accessibility within the world of live and digital art.

The Space is supporting D/deaf and neurodivergent arts organisation DaDa to investigate the use of augmented reality in the provision of BSL interpretation.

DaDa will work with a series of disabled artists and performers to effectively create hologram versions of BSL interpretation to exist alongside or within future theatrical productions. These will be produced alongside Deaf interpreters, filming them in a variety of different ways to create a three-dimensional video of their interpretation of a performance that can be projected into a live space, or added into the scene of a digital production, to allow for an always available and high-quality BSL interpretation for any audience.

DaDa will initially be collaborating with Nottingham-based theatre company Chronic Insanity on a section of their upcoming interactive and immersive digital theatre production All The King’s Men, available now as part of Living Record Festival. They will also collaborate with actor, theatre maker, and artist Rhiannon Jones on an augmented reality production of her work in progress show “Crash Landing”, followed by collaborating with writer and performer Adam Fenton to incorporate an augmented reality interpreter into their latest theatre production, “//Tuning In//”. This will all be followed by a public sharing of the results of the R&D process in late March.

Joe Strickland, Digital Producer for DaDa, said:

“We’re incredibly excited to be working with The Space to be able to begin developing these innovative and versatile use cases for augmented reality BSL interpretation. The results of the next few months should hopefully set the standard for the whole of the arts industry on incorporating this near-future technology into their plans for the next few years of digital and hybrid live events. There are already many benefits to using a virtual or hologram interpreter for an event, and our research hopes to make these access features easy and affordable to create, while also keeping them user-friendly for audiences. With virtual and augmented reality looking increasingly like they’ll be a part of future life, it’s important to explore use cases and set best practice guidelines now so that we can be ready to make the most of this wonderful accessible technology”

If anybody would like further information about the results of this R&D process or would like to help try out the augmented reality experiences when they are ready for audiences, please get in touch with DaDa’s digital producer using [email protected]

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