Digital Flight Paths

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Flight Paths, an epic multimedia production from Extant is brought to life on screen for the first time in a new digital retelling, co-commissioned by The Space.

Extant, the UK’s leading company of visually impaired artists and theatre practitioners, launched Flight Paths as a live touring theatre show in 2019. The production was inspired by the Goze – blind female performers of medieval Japan.

This new digital re-telling of the story combines animation, aerial movement and creative audio description within an interactive online experience featuring stories of travel, blindness and migration.

Through interactive navigation by the Goze, viewers will journey through a unique, multi-sensory experience of Japanese cultural history and storytelling.

★★★★ “Flight Paths is like nothing I’ve ever seen… the piece shows how easy it is to cater both for a visually impaired audience and performer without it even necessarily being obvious you are doing so.” – A Younger Theatre

“Put your headphones on and sit back and enjoy this amazing described experience. I feel like I’m in a different world. An animated blind musician (Goze) guides you through a landscape, meeting different characters some past, some present.” – Audience Member

In May 2021 ‘Flight Paths’ was awarded the Innovation in Craft Award from the Superfest Disability Film Festival.

About this artist

Extant is the opposite of extinct. Formed in 1997 Extant was the inspired name chosen by a group of professional visually impaired artists, for the emergence of a new dynamic space, intended to redress our invisibility as artists and explore new creative territories.