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It all began with a sentence: ‘the internet is for everyone.’  But now we’re living with the reality, it’s not quite what we expected.

The internet has given us the ability to connect with each other and share information like never before. But it’s also the perfect place for big business and governments to peddle propaganda, and for criminals and terrorists to spread their messages.

Metahaven and Lighthouse teamed up to make a documentary, exhibition and online experience that explores the dark side of the web; how governments, terrorists and big business use it to support their agendas. And how we help them – without even knowing it.

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About this artist

Metahaven is an Amsterdam-based design think tank agency. In 2013 it was named Design Studio of the Year by ICON magazine. Lighthouse is a Brighton-based arts and culture agency that connects new developments in art, technology and society. The Sprawl was created by Metahaven, with cinematography by Remko Schnoor, and music by Kuedo.

The Sprawl is supported by Lighthouse and The Space. The film is supported by the non-fiction Transmedia scheme, a joint initiative between Netherlands Film Fund, the Dutch Cultural Media Fund and Creative Industries Fund NL. The exhibition was co-commissioned by Lighthouse and Brighton Festival.