Extinction Marathon: Visions of the Future

Hear what artists, scientist and theorists have to say about extinction.

For the Serpentine Galleries’ 2014 Marathon event, artists, scientists and theorists explored the topic of Extinction in a series of non-stop talks, performances and screenings programmed with Gustav Metzger.

Every year, The Serpentine Marathons bring together artists from around the globe to discuss vital themes live at the gallery. At the Extinction Marathon, the presentations were also live streamed by The Space. You can watch them again in the playlist above

As part of the Marathon, The Space and the Serpentine Galleries also commissioned two new digital works, by Metzger and Ed Atkins, and hosted EXTINCT.LY – an online space that showcases some of the works from the event, and provides a place for artists and researchers to continue to investigate extinction.

The Space also presented highlights from the past five years of Serpentine Marathons, curated by Serpentine Co-Director Hans Ulrich Obrist, every Friday over the four weeks leading up to this year’s event.

About this artist

The Extinction Marathon was programmed by the Serpentine Galleries and Gustav Metzger, and was livestreamed by The Space.

Gustav Metzger (b. 1926), is an artist who believes that art is a form of political consciousness-raising. His work has has addressed the troubles in Northern Ireland, the Israeli­-Palestinian conflict, terrorist bombings and global warming.