Get into John Peel’s Record Boxes

The John Peel Archive

John Peel left behind a record collection that made musical history – and now we can explore it online. But where do we start?

We teamed up with the John Peel Archive to find the answer.

Mala of Digital Mystikz
Mala of Digital Mystikz

In a series of ‘Record boxes’, we asked a stellar line-up of musicians to handpick the records from John’s collection that chart their own musical stories, and give you a guided tour.

Our musicians, producers, DJs and journalists each spent a day in the archives creating their own personal playlist, and making a short film about their track choices.

From Don Letts’ journey through the meeting of Reggae and Punk on the London streets of the 1970s, to Mala’s history of Dubstep, to Shane Embury’s rummage through the roots of Grindcore, these playlists are lively, eclectic, and as original as they come.

About this artist

John Peel was the iconic DJ who introduced the world to a huge range of music when few DJs had the freedom to play their own records. Some of the once ‘left-field’ artists he championed include Pink Floyd, David Bowie, The Specials, Kraftwerk, The Smiths and Pulp.

The John Peel Record Boxes were commissioned by The Space and the John Peel Centre for Creative Arts, and curated by Joe Boyd, Mala, Don Letts, and Shane Embury.