good dog

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Set during the early noughties, ‘good dog’ chronicles growing up in a multicultural community and the everyday injustices that drive people to take back control… because even the most patient among us can’t wait forever.

Adapted from a full length play by Arinzé Kene (Netflix’s Crazyhead, Eastenders, Channel 4’s Youngers) the film, commissioned by The Space, follows a grown-up Boy revisiting and observing events in his life, narrating the past from the present. Boy – performed by Anton Cross – speaks to camera as our guide and narrator, looking on his younger self and the community he lives in.

Telling the story of Trevor Senior and the Duppy, the man who runs the corner shop, and the What What Girl who steals from him. ‘good dog’ is a reflection on power, fairness and consequences, all seen from Boy’s unique perspective.

The film was directed by Natalie Ibu and Andrew Gillman and adapted from a stage play – produced and presented by tiata fahodzi –  which received an acclaimed world premiere in spring 2017.

The film launched on Saturday 1st August on YouTube as part of the Fringe of Colour.