Growing Colour Together

Growing Colour Together (GCT) is a physical and digital natural dyeing project that explores the techniques and processes involved in natural dyeing and how they can be applied to textiles and artwork. This project is part of the WOVEN Textiles Festival initiated and funded by Kirklees Council in West Yorkshire, but owned by everyone, including community groups, textile businesses, cultural and educational organisations, artists and heritage sites across the district. It’s intended to be more of a movement than a project, with the ambition to create a district-wide, natural-dye, colour garden. The idea is for anyone to be able to ‘have a grow’ and use what’s grown to make natural dyes, and learn about the environmental implications of chemical dyes and what we buy.


A person uses a paintbrush to paint polka dots on a white textile
Woven in Kirklees. Growing Together


Focused on the environment, taking place locally and connecting globally – GCT spotlights and connects Kirklees with creatives around the world. This short video documentary profiles textile artists working with natural dyes who live locally, showcasing their work and approach to natural dyeing and then expanding out to show how individual action can make a broader sustainable impact.

The WOVEN festival will take place from 3 June to 9 July 2023. The film, Growing Colour Together will be shown as part of the festival with a range of events, workshops and activities. You can get involved in the project here.