Hidden By Things

Developed by Plymouth Laureate of Words Laura Horton, Hidden By Things is a unique digital community campaign to raise awareness of collecting and hoarding behaviours. Using digital storytelling to look at how possessions shape us as people, and how to declutter in a positive way. The project hopes to enable people to share their social history and create connections across the world.


Be part of the campaign

The project invites people to share the story behind an item of clothing, via the website, before letting it go. The stories can be anything, from a dream a person attaches to an item, a memory, anecdote, or anything special that people want to share. Once your story and photo has been received, you are sent a fabric label linking to the Hidden By Things campaign, to hand sew into the item. You can then take it to a charity shop, or sell it yourself. You can also use the hashtag #HiddenByThings to share where you’ve left the item. You can start by submitting your story here.



The five-episode series, hosted by Laura, aims to de-stigmatise hoarding behaviours and offers insight into people’s experiences through compelling, funny and deeply honest stories about fashion, collecting and hoarding. Laura speaks to a rotating door of guests, including Paul Cooper from Hoarding Disorders UK and beloved sitcom This Country and Kimi Gordon from Hoarding UK.


Meet IRL

You can also attend in-person events, where you can bring pieces to donate with a story. You can find details on their social media.


Listen to the podcasts