Meet Karen. She’ll change your life.

Youtube - A Message from Karen

We give away our data several times a day.  But how much do companies and governments really know about our lives?

The Space has joined forces with Blast Theory to create Karen – a mobile game that uncovers exactly how much our phones reveal about us.

When you download the free app, you meet Karen, a chaotic and over-friendly life coach who uses psychological tests and questions to get to know you.

As your relationship develops, Karen becomes more and more curious. She is slightly erratic, with few boundaries, and she seems to know things about you that she shouldn’t.

Karen is profiling you, giving you advice based on your conversations and data scraped from your mobile. After a week, she’ll give you the chance to buy the psychological profile she has made about you.

Try this BIMA (British Interactive Media Association) award-winning app to find out more about Karen… and yourself.

Karen was shown at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2015.

About this artist

Karen was created by Blast Theory and co-commissioned by The Space with the support of 539 Kickstarter backers. It was produced with National Theatre Wales and developed with Dr Kelly Page, with support from the University of Nottingham’s Mixed Reality Lab.

Blast Theory is an award-winning artists’ collective that pioneers digital storytelling

Dr Kelly Page is an expert in the cognitive and behavioural profiling of Internet users.

National Theatre Wales pushes theatrical boundaries, staging productions everywhere from forests to nightclubs to aircraft hangars.