See the city differently with Crane Dance Bristol

Youtube - Crane Dance Bristol Documentary

Home to work, work to home, on to the gym…. When routine has made a place familiar, we stop seeing it as beautiful. Especially when it’s a building site.

So The Space & Wired’s Creative Fellow Laura Kriefman teamed up with artists and crane operators to help Bristol see its dockside in a whole new light.

Crane Dance

The result was Crane Dance Bristol – an amazing automated performance that lit up the skyline and showed that even a building site can be beautiful.

As 10,000 people watched, synchronised cranes lit by LED lights ‘danced’ to live music and brought the city’s horizon to life.

Crane Dance

Crane Dance Bristol headlined the 2015 Bristol Dockside Heritage Festival and was streamed online. It was a prototype for Laura Kriefman’s work in progress, Mass Crane Dance, which will involve 150 Cranes dancing on a brand new skyline.

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About this artist

Crane Dance Bristol was devised and choreographed by Laura Kriefman as part of the inaugural Space/WIRED Creative Fellowship, supported by the Watershed. Lighting was designed by Howard Eaton and Emma Chapman of Studio Three Sixty.

Crane Dance Bristol was a collaboration between M Shed, Underfall Yard, RSVP, Whistling Treason Shantie Singers, The Balmoral, Bristol Gig Club, Bristol Channel Social Rowers and was possibly thanks to the collaborative energies of the PM Studio, Nth Screen, Visual Persistence, Drew Cox, Showsafe, Studio Three Sixty and Virtually VR.

Laura is the Director of Bristol-based interactive dance company Guerilla Dance Project, and a Wired/The Space Creative Fellow. She is an award-winning choreographer and technologist who specialises in fusing movement and technology, and works with architects, technologists and futurists to make mechanical dance that connects people with their cities.