Silent Spaces Soumik Datta

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Breaking the silence of iconic British cultural venues. Soumik Datta and a 40 strong cast of dancers and musicians reclaim empty spaces like the British Museum & The Royal Albert Hall and create a series of 6 films and songs

Reclaiming iconic cultural spaces, performance halls and empty museums that have been out of action during the COVID-19 pandemic, and breaking their silences with new music, dance and hope, ‘Silent Spaces’ is a powerful new project, a 6 part series of videos and brand new music album led by musician Soumik Datta and a diverse community of musicians, dancers and artists.

A creative lockdown response driven by a pervading sense of Covid-induced personal and professional loneliness, Silent Spaces was envisioned by musician, composer and TV presenter Soumik Datta (Rhythms of India – BBC Four), and directed by award-winning filmmaker Souvid Datta. It sees the brothers join a diverse team of British Asian, black and ethnic minority musicians and dancers as they venture into iconic venues and spaces:

  1. British Museum
  2. The Royal Albert Hall in London
  3. Depot Mayfield in Manchester
  4. The Sage in Gateshead
  5. Hawkwood College
  6. Kings Cross Train Station

Produced by charity Soumik Datta Arts (SDA), the resulting six films explore resonant themes in keeping with the choice of venue – confronting issues around mental health, activism, the environment, colonisation and identity. Ultimately – by reconnecting and facing these pertinent and often uncomfortable issues through creativity – the performers were rewarded with a sense of hope for the future of the arts industry and its role in shaping cultural conversations for the better.

The series of films will be released online, in partnership with the venues, Arts Council England, Timberland, WeTransfer, Bagri Foundation and Dishoom, coinciding with an album release, a behind the scenes documentary film commissioned by WePresent and a radio documentary co-produced with BBC Radio 3.