The Hatchling

This Summer, Plymouth saw something truly amazing: The Hatchling. A spectacular dragon hatched in the city, grew to the size of a double-decker bus and FLEW from land over sea.

The Hatchling was a ground-breaking free outdoor theatrical performance that unfolded over a weekend and reached an extraordinary finale over the coast of Plymouth.

Initially due to take place earlier in August, the original event was postponed as a mark of respect to the community and families involved in the tragic incident in Keyham on 12 August. Taking place later in the month, the event aimed to bring the city together in a moment of unity and hope.

Weekend of events

The Hatchling – a ground-breaking outdoor theatrical performance unfolded over a weekend of events and reached an extraordinary finale over the coast of Plymouth. Thousands flocked to the city to see the dragon puppet exploring the city’s streets over the weekend.

The visitor hatched in the city, built herself a nest and then took to the skies in a bid for her freedom. Along the way, she explored the city of Plymouth, encountered a series of events from intimate interactions to city-wide performances, prepared especially for her majestic visit.

Flying from land over sea

At the end of her journey the hatchling underwent an incredible metamorphosis, unfurling her wings, and soared over the sea at sunset! With a wingspan of over 20 metres, the hatchling is the world’s largest human-operated puppet to attempt flight.

The beautiful hatchling once more as she leads The Platinum Jubilee Pageant next June!

About this artist

Trigger’s programme aims to create accessible, inclusive and boundary pushing work which is often sited outdoors and/or digital. Their work is brought to life by a team of cross-disciplinary artists and creatives, often showcasing the creativity of local communities.

Trigger is led by Co-Directors Angie Bual and Natalie Adams. They are a contemporary company driven to make work in response to major issues, frustrations and divisions of our time.