The Hidden Woods

The Hidden Woods takes you on a journey to explore new and exciting ways of discovering traditional tales through an interactive online experience. It places the user in the centre of a long-forgotten woods, tasking them with bringing life and colour back to the landscape by revealing the stories that are waiting to be told, just out of reach.


The project was created by The Story Museum who are on a mission to enrich young lives and deepen engagement through stories via a series of immersive environments and inspiring learning experiences. They have collected 1001 stories from around the world in all forms.


The Hidden Woods was designed as a companion to The Story Museum’s real life Whispering Wood exhibition (a gallery in the museum dedicated to oral storytelling). Many of these stories are brought to life for audiences in the museum, and their online archive comprises of audio and video performances of oral stories performed by some of the country’s leading storytellers, written outlines of stories, contextual histories and bespoke teaching resources for use in the classroom and at home.