The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust is an independent charity that cares for the world’s greatest Shakespeare heritage sites in his hometown of Stratford-upon-Avon, promoting the enjoyment and understanding of his works, life, and times all over the world.

Celebrating the 170th anniversary of the purchase of his Birthplace The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust strives to share Shakespeare’s genius with the world.

Through the five historic Shakespeare family homes, internationally designated museum collections, award-winning learning programmes and digital channels, they provide imaginative, immersive and interactive opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to get up-close-and-personal with Shakespeare. In recent years the trust has taken great strides in enabling and encouraging its staff to experiment with video production to boost digital engagement with online audiences.

In partnership with The Space three a series of videos were produced, each series optimised for a different platform to help the trust build the audiences of their YouTube ChannelFacebook Page and Instagram account @shakespearebtrust.

The series focused on Shakespeare and the amazing work done by the trust to preserve his legacy:

A peek into the archives to marvel at the fragile pieces of paper that have survived more than 400 years, and tell us what we know about William Shakespeare’s life.

Find out what it takes to care for a world-class collection of objects, books and records.

Meet David Garrick, the man who put a little market town of Stratford-upon-Avon firmly on the Shakespeare map.

At the heart of all things ‘Shakespeare’, the Trust holds the world’s largest Shakespeare-related library, museum and archives open to the public, with over 1 million documents, 55,000 books and 12,000 museum objects. In order to boost audience engagement of Facebook, three ‘top 5’ videos were produced showcase some of the most interesting items in the Trust’s archive.

We love an excuse to go digging through the collections… Here are five of our favourite items relating to Macbeth ☺️

Find out about our 5 fun toys & games, including what a Bartholomew Babe is and how many pieces of #lego it takes to build a Shakespeare bust.

Did you know Hamlet has been translated into Klingon? Jessie shows off our copy, plus another 4 favourite collections items relating to the iconic Shakespeare play.

To find out more about the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust visit their website, like them on Facebook @ShakespeareBT and follow them on Instagram @shakespearebtrust and twitter @shakespearebt.

All these videos and many more can be found on the trust’s
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