Theatre Uncut present ‘Bubble’

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Bubble is an experimental and topical new play about identity, modern community – and where we draw the line to protect what we value most.

A simultaneous global theatrical debate, Bubble – written by the award-winning playwright Kieran Hurley – connected live and online audiences across borders to discuss freedom of speech in the university community and the nature of online debate. Set entirely on Facebook and written in both text and emoji the play tracks the unexpected snowball of events following the moment a male lecturer calls a female student a slut.

A play set on Facebook?

The forty-five minute film of the play, supported by digital commissioning agency The Space, has been created with three UK Universities and three European Universities: Royal Holloway, Exeter, Glasgow, Barcelona, Coimbra and Copenhagen with actors from each of those universities to play roles in the film. The cast never met in person, rehearsing over Skype and filming on their cameras.

Theatre Uncut’s digital project Bubble premiered as a film of the play on Monday 23 March and has been released as a playtext to download and perform rights free for a limited period.

Artistic Directors Emma Callander and Hannah Price are encouraging as many universities, groups, theatres, schools as possible to hold screenings of the film and live performances of the play with post show discussions to create this global theatrical debate.

“Bubble is one of the most provocative, dynamic, smart plays we have read for a long time. Set entirely on facebook and written in text and emjoi it explores the disconnect between online persona and true personality, the fractured nature of online debate and how events can snowball in expected ways. We are excited to see what groups around the world make of the play and to bring together 10 international student performers to create the borderless online film of the play.”

Emma Callander and Hannah Price, joint Artistic Directors of Theatre Uncut

Theatre Uncut have been developing their unique model of global release over the last 8 years. Over 6,500 people performing their plays in 26 countries across 4 continents so far.

Theatre Uncut’s digital project Bubble premiered as a film of the play – online – on Monday 23 April

About this artist

Every year since 2011 Theatre Uncut have commissioned leading and emerging playwrights to create short plays that tackle political and social issues.They then release these plays, rights free, for anyone to perform anywhere, creating theatrical mass action events that engage people all over the world with the issues at the heart of the plays. so far over 6,000 people in 26 countries across 4 continents have been part of Theatre Uncut.