Top Goon Reloaded

Masasit Mati’s puppet-theatre take on the Syrian uprising.

The Goons are back…

In 2011, as the Syrian uprising began, art collective Masasit Mati created the seminal Top Goon – an online series of sarcastic and irreverent puppet theatre films.

Top Goon became an internet sensation, with more than 180,000 YouTube hits. Now dispersed across several countries, the creators have reunited for the first time to create Top Goon Reloaded: Intimate Diaries of Evil. The films tell the story of the Syrian uprising and feature new, specially- commissioned puppets.

Top Goon Reloaded is a co-commission by Shubbak and The Space.

Warning: these films contain strong language.

About this artist

Top Goon Reloaded was commissioned by Shubbak and The Space as part of Andو – a digital commissioning initiative launched by The British Council and The Space to support Syrian artists.

Masasit Mati is a group of ten young, professional Syrian artists who have formed one of the country’s most influential activist artists’ collectives.