Virtual Magic School

Virtual Magic School is a free to use, interactive digital learning resource for primary school children around Scotland and the UK. Created by Kevin Quantum, the course consists of 8 lessons full of illusions, tricks and lessons linked to the Scottish and English curricula. Children get to make choices through the lessons with buttons on the screen and are able to unearth hidden secrets and magic tricks. Each lesson is supported by an educational resource for teachers.


Two young boys sitting at a table with black and white wands and a top hat


Kevin is the founder of Edinburgh International Magic Festival (MagicFest), which has a decade’s worth of experience creating and delivering live magic workshops. MagicFest is a not-for-profit organisation which has welcomed over 60,000 visitors since conception in 2010, and has grown to be the Europe’s biggest festival of innovative and cutting-edge magic.


This project brings the experience online, teaching children the wonders of mind reading, sleight of hand, and predicting the future.