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Heritage Storeys VR Experience -- Metro Boulot Dodo and Culture Coventry at the Herbert Museum

Enriching collections with immersive technology

Start Time:
21/10/2021, 11:00am
End Time:
21/10/2021, 12:30pm

About the event

In this webinar we’ll share case studies from cultural organisations who have used immersive technologies to create rich experiences for their audiences. Our speakers will discuss the thinking behind the work, what was created, and what they’ve learned.

We’re encouraged to think ‘story first, tech second’  but practically, how does that work? How do you deliver content to audiences in a way that works for them? If museums galleries and collections are experience-driven organisations, what are some of the ways digital tech can provide those experiences?

Join Rob Lindsay, Head of Programmes for The Space to hear more about:

Heritage Storeys, a VR experience at the Herbert in Coventry, where visitors explored the history of the museum's ichtyosaur skull in a time-travelling lift. Paul Long , Creative Director of MBD, will share what was learned from this project and from his other work using virtual reality, augmented reality and large scale projection.

The Forever Project was developed by The National Holocaust Centre and Museum to capture the testimony of holocaust survivors. Director of Learning Louise Stafford will discuss how this AI work offers young audiences the opportunity not just be able to watch a survivor talk, but to ask them questions, even when they are no longer alive.

Cornish Tales is an immersive audio offer that enables Cornwall Museums Partnership to share Cornish stories, songs and oral histories from the archive. Audio consultant Clare Freeman worked with CMP on the project, and will discuss how Cornish Tales reaches the rest of the world from the comfort of a chair using a smart speaker or Alexa app, and with people isolated in care homes.

Listen to an audio description of this event.

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