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Our past commissions

We've been commissioning arts projects using digital technologies and online platforms since 2014. Here are some of our past commissions. 

Our commissions search results

Control a robot within the TATE

After Dark

Ever fancied snooping around the Tate at night? These robots did. Here's what they saw.

TypeCommission, Combined arts, Digital storytelling, Media, Visual arts
Football player on field bending down


What if you could go back in time to the ‘66 World Cup Final?

TypeCommission, Digital storytelling, Media
Ai Weiwei’s data art challenge

Ai Weiwei’s data art challenge

The authorities never wanted anyone to see this data. Let’s make art with it.

TypeCommission, Combined arts, Media, Spoken word, Visual arts


Conduct your own John Cage musical ‘happening’ online.

TypeCommission, Media, Music
Bulletin - man obscured by plants and oval shapes


What’s the news behind The News?

TypeCommission, Media, Visual arts