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We commission projects across all art forms, from live streaming theatre to 360 exhibitions and digital storytelling. Scroll down for a taster of some of the projects we've commissioned, or are coming up, click the link below to explore our past commissions or read our commission case studies and other resources.

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good dog by Arinzé Kene featuring Anton Cross - from tiata fahodzi

good dog

tiata fahodzi's ‘good dog’ explores the people and places that make us who we are

TypeCommission, Digital storytelling, Media, Theatre
Simon Callow in A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol, binaurally

A stage-to-film adaptation of Charles Dickens' beloved classic A Christmas Carol comes to television screens

Artificial Things StopGap Dance features 5 dancers on stage. Two dancers are in wheelchairs. They are dancing in a disused shopping mall

Artificial Things

Artificial Things explores human interdependence, strength, and vulnerability.

TypeCommission, Dance
The Sick Room Logo in red and white with famous 19th century figures in the background, with a blue filter

The Sick Room

Nineteenth Circle release a collection of work exploring concepts of illness (both mental & physical) during the 19th-century and how these relate to the present-day pandemic

TypeCommission, Digital storytelling, Media, Spoken word
An animated image of a large puppet dragon. The dragon is the size of a double decker bus and is watched by a number of people on the ground as it begins to take flight

The Hatchling

A spectacular dragon - the size of a double-decker bus - flies from land over sea

TypeCommission, Combined arts, Digital storytelling, Visual arts
An animation of a Japanese Goze (blind female performers of medieval Japan). She wears a kimono and her black hair is in a bun. She walks with a stick

Digital Flight Paths

Journey through a unique, multi-sensory experience of Japanese cultural

TypeCommission, Combined arts, Digital storytelling, Theatre