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Still from Amser Stori of an amimated girl with a hare in a field
Woman in a black dress lying on a rocky outcrop.
Creu Strategaeth Ddigidol gydag Adnoddau Cyfyngedig June 19, 2023

Mentoring case study about Gina Briggs from SheWolf and how she developed a digital strategy and limited resources.

A stage performance with lots of lights
Caroline Jariwala standing in front of a wall of colourful swirling mosaics.
100 Masters – the importance of having clear aims January 23, 2023

Creative Black Country’s 100 Masters started as a real-world exhibition celebrating local craftspeople. Their digital outputs propelled their Facebook following from 22 to over 80,000. But how?

A young woman with messy hair and mascara running down her face standing in front of a mic, holding a drawing of a frown over her mouth.
Silent Uproar’s A Super Happy Story January 23, 2023

Silent Uproar were looking for new ways to engage audiences with their critically-acclaimed musical. They reached new audiences by working with the storytelling site Upworthy.

The Space’s Online Audiences Toolkit November 24, 2022

Download our audience toolkit to help you to develop your audiences online

A group of performers on stage with fun costumes on and a caravan in the background w
Wise Children – making pioneering strides into digital spaces August 24, 2022

Wise Children’s Digital Producer talks us through their digital expansion, and how this has changed the way they reach audiences

Two people looking at a plant in a back garden
Reaching a wider audience – ‘Growing Online’ June 8, 2022

Grand Union were new to filmmaking but creating a short doc about their organisation has helped them reach wider audiences

A photograph of a builder with two people projected onto it digitally
How to conduct an online audience audit January 13, 2021

Conduct an online audit of your audience to find out who they are, what they like and what they respond to

Digital Mentoring and Peer Support Webinar – notes from the session October 30, 2020

Tips on how to take a festival online, opportunities for monetising content and reaching rural audiences