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Collection of photos of young people filming and recording audio on a bright blue background, with colourful patterns.
Pitching to broadcast media January 26, 2023

If you have a great idea for a programme for TV or Radio then here are a few industry insider tips on how to give your work the best chance of being commissioned.

A group of children holding the hands of a woman screaming with a light shining on her face
From a live production to an online film – A Little Space July 14, 2022

Mind the Gap tell us about A Little Space’s journey from live production to a widely-seen online video.

Animated image of time machine in a woodland
The transition from physical to immersive theatre May 10, 2022

Thinking of working with immersive tech? Creative Director of MBD, Paul Long talks about the opportunities and offers his top tips

Stills from Cephalopod Aliens 2019
Programming the weird: A guide to quantum computing for artists July 6, 2021

What are the possibilities created by quantum computing? Libby Heaney examines how this new technology can be used to inspire, provoke and create art

A photo of a hand next to an Apple laptop
Online Abuse – A Toolkit for the Cultural Sector November 5, 2020

Is online abuse a problem for the cultural sector? Here's a guide to help you protect yourself and your organisation

A woman with bond hair and a pink top is in front of a microphone
Recording music at home September 28, 2020

the BBC's Philharmonic audio technical producer provides his top tips and digital tech that has made the recordings of concerts created at home possible.

A photo from a performance of Windrush: Movement of the People
Windrush: Movement of the People January 14, 2020

Phoenix Dance Theatre encapsulated the enormous story of the Windrush generation

A photo of two people during a performance
Kes Reimagined – From stage to screen November 22, 2019

Director Ross MacGibbon explains how he brought the spirit of a much loved stage show to the screen for Kes Reimagined

Cinema distribution and rights – how could it work for you? September 27, 2019

Organisations should think about distributing their work in cinemas

Music rights: A producer’s perspective September 26, 2019

If you are organised and careful, clearing music rights doesn’t have to be a headache.