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A close up of a dancer performing
TikTok logo on a screen
How to use TikTok creatively March 28, 2023

Making TikTok works requires an understanding of the platform and latest trends

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What to consider before using TikTok March 28, 2023

Considering TikTok within your social strategy? Here are some of the considerations

A black woman wears a white dress. She stands, smiling, in front of a microphone with her hands on her hips.
Platform versus the People February 24, 2023

Dr Rianna Walcott looks at the recent changes at Twitter and asks what does this mean for arts and cultural communities?

Caroline Jariwala standing in front of a wall of colourful swirling mosaics.
100 Masters – the importance of having clear aims January 23, 2023

Creative Black Country’s 100 Masters started as a real-world exhibition celebrating local craftspeople. Their digital outputs propelled their Facebook following from 22 to over 80,000. But how?

A young woman with messy hair and mascara running down her face standing in front of a mic, holding a drawing of a frown over her mouth.
Silent Uproar’s A Super Happy Story January 23, 2023

Silent Uproar were looking for new ways to engage audiences with their critically-acclaimed musical. They reached new audiences by working with the storytelling site Upworthy.

Famous for 15 people – Influence and micro influence December 10, 2019

Can social media influencers work for arts organisations?

Bodies representing rights holders September 27, 2019

A useful list of talent unions, trade bodies and societies representing rights holders

Cinema distribution and rights – how could it work for you? September 27, 2019

Organisations should think about distributing their work in cinemas

Creating a Digital Policy and Plan September 26, 2017

View and download the recent presentation on Digital Planning and Policy in partnership with Arts Council, England