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Access to online events, meetings and more

The Space board member Jo Verrent shares tips and tools for making your online events and meets accessible 

At The Space we're being asked regularly for advice on how to make events or content published online accessible (a good sign!). With the help of Jo Verrent, Space board member and Senior Producer at Unlimited, we've started to pull together some useful links which are focused on online events and meetings but include good practice for online access more generally.  

Over to Jo.. 

There is a lot of info out there on how to run accessible meetings and events online in the current situation (and actually, all the time – there is no need to go back to running inaccessible meetings once this is all over!). Here are links to some of the best (using the language that those who have created each resource have chosen to use):

* Great overview by Drake Music covering pace, audio, visual aspects and more

* Another great overview, including thoughts on how to pick your platform and to ensure learning disabled people can engage

Ability Net ran a webinar on How to Run an Accessible Online Meeting - supporting disabled people working and studying from home – all recorded and available to view here: 

* Access All Areas have an excellent document on Zoom aimed at a wide readership including those with learning disabilities

* Specific info for working with BSL users and interpreters remotely - and a reminder that if you aren’t making what you do accessible, then you are excluding people who are already isolated

* Henshaw’s have info on including people with visual impairment and this guide by Perkins School is for physical meetings but also has lots that is useful

* Useful tips here on including those disabled people with autism

* Lots of the tools at the Training for Change site look at access in a wider sense – especially in relation to power and control

* On Unlimited’s site, Sarah Pickthall tells us all about the softer side of access we need to consider

* Zoom accessibility updates, autumn 2020

* Some hints and tips for those that can't zoom

And if you are furloughed and at a loose end – why not learn British Sign Language (BSL) level one, for free?

Additionally, Stagetext has launched a series of free training videos to teach people working in arts and culture how to subtitle their own work.

Like any list, this is open for additions, challenges, corrections and changes – please email or tag us via social media @thespacearts and we’ll keep updating. We're also looking at further resources for publishing performances and work online so any resource tips welcome.