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Creating a Digital Policy and Plan

Training for Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisations

In partnership with Arts Council England, The Space provided a number of free, half day training sessions in digital policy and planning for senior arts leaders.

The training was developed particularly for band 2 and 3 NPOs, but should be relevant to arts and culture organisations of all types and scales who are developing a digital policy and plan, to help them better understand and explore the potential for digital content creation and online engagement within their organisations.

Writing a digital policy and plan

The session was presented by Fiona Morris, CEO and Creative Director of The Space and John White, its Chief Operating Officer. Download a copy of the PowerPoint presentation here (1.1 MB) and view the accompanying talk via the links below.

Introduction: an overview of what is covered by the term ‘digital’ and what to expect from the session

Audiences: the importance of audience planning for an effective digital strategy

Distribution and platforms: working with partners to distribute your content and a look at the increasing number of content distribution platforms available

Content creation: principles organisations should be considering when planning production of long-form video, short-form video, websites, apps and other forms of interactive quality content

Organisational / Q&A: issues to consider in how a digital plan is addressing wider organisational needs. Covers sustainability, income generation, rights management, and leadership and skills development

To read case studies and articles about recent Space commissions, and for wider resources about producing work for digital platforms, growing your audience online and increasing digital engagement visit our resources section.

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