Filming and streaming arts content – opportunities and tips for success

Whether you’re thinking about how you might want to capture a touring production you’ve had to cancel, or what you might offer from your bedroom right now, this webinar offers ideas, guidance and some fundamental dos and don’ts, when approaching streaming and filming your work.

Our contributors are Space associate Helen Spencer an experienced producer, director and commissioner, and Magnus Dennison from Meercat Films, a filmmaker and live-streaming expert.

Between them, they cover:

  • What do we mean by capture?
  • Why stream or capture your work and what to think about when planning a capture or live-stream
  • Higher and lower cost approaches to filming
  • The pros and cons of live-streaming vs. on demand
  • Enhancing the quality and impact of your production – and outline the ways in which the decisions you take make all the difference creatively.

The session also provides:

  • Top tips for self streaming
  • Advice on low-cost kit
  • An explaination of the stages of the production process
  • Information on promotional content – why produce it, what it should consist of and the importance of building this into your schedule
  • An introduction to the distribution of online content,and the importance of the stoty, your audiemce and publication partners.

The process is explained in a clear and accessible way includes real-life examples for cultural professionals and artists who are interested in filming and distributing their work online..

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