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Michal Horowicz, Hara Yannas, Daniel Abelson, Fiston Barek in AMSTERDAM by Maya Arad Yasur - Orange Tree Theatre - photo by Helen Murray

How to distribute your work online

From your own website or Instagram to partnering with a content channel, how do you decide where to focus your efforts? Whether you want to share new content or offer up existing work to an audience online, this webinar offers ideas, guidance and points out some things to think about to help get your work seen.

The Space has commissioned, published and distributed omore than 200 projects over the past few years and this has given us a good oversight of the opportunities available for online engagement with audiences. Recent events mean that many cultural organisations are now focusing resources within this area and this webinar will help you to think strategically, look at ways to plan a distribution campaign and help your work to be seen by online audiences.

Plan your campaign

Think about:

  • Distribution options: what’s available, and how will you decide what works for you?
  • How to create impact in the crowded online space
  • Making the best of your own social media channels
  • Finding potential partners to extend your reach
  • What to think about in a distribution plan
  • Tips and tricks to make chosen platforms work for you


Fiona Morris is CEO and Creative Director of The Space, and has worked with a wide range of arts and cultural organisations to support them in publishing their work on every form of screen, from TV to cinema and online platforms. Fiona will share her thoughts on the current opportunities for arts organisations to find new audiences.

Sarah Fortescue is Head of Distribution for The Space, working with commissioned organisations to develop distribution strategies for their work. Her projects have featured on the BBC, Channel 4, Sky Arts, The Guardian and Buzzfeed, as well as across social media channels.

Dominic Kennedy is a digital arts consultant advising on international arts marketing and distribution projects. He’s worked with the Royal Court Theatre, Cheek by Jowl and 1927 among others.