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Calling Digital Freelancers

The Space exists to enable the arts, culture and heritage sector to engage audiences using digital and broadcast content and platforms. We work with a nationwide associate network of freelance digital specialists, many with specific cultural sector experience. These associates enable us to deliver our activities in an agile, flexible manner across all UK regions.

We also want to support freelancers in the vital role you play in the digital cultural ecosystem, helping you to connect and network with cultural and community organisations, as well as with other freelancers and creative practitioners. We also want to offer easy-to-access training and peer learning opportunities that support your professional development.

We’re looking for

We are looking for freelancers with knowledge and experience of digital creative work in the cultural sector in at least one of the following:


Marketing and Distribution Freelancers


  • Social media strategy, campaign planning and implementation (organic and paid)
  • TikTok strategy, creator engagement and mentoring
  • Distribution and partnership strategy
  • Marketing campaign management, audience development and evaluation


Digital Production / Producer Freelancers

  • Delivering interactive, video or audio digital projects featuring cultural content
  • Experience working with immersive and other innovative digital technologies
  • Production processes involved in creating digital work (pre-production, production and post-production)
  • Management of digital production teams
  • Knowledge of livestreaming platforms and processes
  • Understanding of technical specifications for online content distribution
  • Experience of producing and managing budgets and schedules
  • Experience of risk assessments working both on location and in venues

Benefits of joining the network

By joining our Digital Freelancer Network, you can gain access to the following benefits:


Peer Learning sessions

You tell us the areas where you would like to improve your knowledge and we will arrange guest speakers to cover these subjects at our Zoom freelance network sessions.


Networking with other freelancers

Take the opportunity to swap advice and contact details with other freelancers in the network. Compare notes, share resources and perhaps find useful collaborators for your future projects.


Training bursaries

We recognise the challenges of paying for your professional development when it means taking time away from paid client work. To help support your learning, we offer £250 training bursaries to any freelancer who has attended at least two of our peer learning sessions in the last 12 months.


Paid work delivering The Space’s programmes

As one of our associates you are eligible to work with us to deliver many elements of our funded programmes. We will provide you with mentoring support to enable you to be as effective as possible in helping the cultural organisations and creative practitioners we are supporting through these programmes.


How to apply

If you think you have the skills and experience outlined above, please apply using our online form. This short, easy to complete form, will ask you to input your relevant skills and experience.

The deadline for applications is Thursday 4th July 2024.

The Space is committed to accessibility and inclusivity. We encourage applications from diverse backgrounds and from people from underrepresented backgrounds.


Download this info in a PDF Document  (2.2MB)



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