Leading voices from across the creative sector give their views on self publishing

The Space asked seven leading voices from across the cultural sector, including dancer and choreographer, Akram Khan, and former chair of Arts Council England, Sir Peter Bazalgette, to share their perspectives on self-publishing in the arts. 

Whether we are considering the rapid advances in digital technology which is enabling new immersive experiences, the democratisation of the means of production of work through the rise of the smartphone, or the way in which the web enables artists and audiences to find each, there is no aspect of artistic practice which hasn’t been redefined or revolutionised by ‘digital’.

That is why we have asked seven leading voices from across the cultural sector, to give us their considerations surrounding the evolving relationship between technology and the arts.

Their views offer us a snapshot of some of the questions and considerations raised in the minds of artists and institutions as the relationship between the arts and digital becomes ever-more symbiotic.

Download and read the essays.


Matt Clark, Founder, UVA

Damian Spandley, Director of Programme, Curzon

Leila Johnston, Artist and digital curator,

Freya Murray, Programme Manager, Google Arts and Culture Lab

Efe Cakarel, Founder, MUBI 

Akram Khan, Dancer and choreographer 

Peter Bazalgette

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