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2021 commissioning opportunities

Listen to our 2021 Commissioning Podcast

In addition to reading the Guidance for Applicants, you may want to listen to our podcast.

CEO and Creative Director Fiona Morris speaks to audio producer Clare Freeman and shares her thoughts on the projects that we are looking to commission in the 2021 R&D commissioning round.

Listen to the podcast here

This episode explains how the commissioning round provides an opportunity for organisations to experiment, explore and reflect on their experiences of last 12 months.

We have also divided the podcast into bitesize chunks:

The amount of funding and support available

How much can I apply for and what support can you offer?

Examples of work

Fiona is joined by Head of Audiences, Rob Lindsay, and they talk through examples of previous commissions, explaining how The Space was able to support.

How to apply

We talk through the briefing document and the online application form

What we're looking for

Fiona explains what the 2021 R&D commission is looking to support

Who we're looking to support

The type of organisations we are looking to support

What happens if we are commissioned?

An explanation of the 'amber-lighting' process

What do we mean by audiences and reach?

An explanation of digital audiences and how to think about your approach to them